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fly rod and reel

What Fly Rod Action is Best for Beginners? Fly Rod Action Explained

A person new to fly fishing will hear many references about the action of a fly rod.  Action may be described as very fast, fast, medium-fast, medium or slow (sometimes referred to as classic), but that doesn’t begin to explain why action is important or how different actions are better suited for different situations. Simply […]

Moultrie m880 game camera

Moultrie M-880 Game Camera – Scouting, Educational & Just Plain Fun

Seems like everyone is using trail cams or game cameras for scouting these days. As a wildlife biologist, I have used them as camera traps to get evidence that certain species were present in a specific area. We set game cameras

fire in wall tent stove

Wall Tent Wood Stoves Buying Guide – Comparison of Types and Features

Half the fun of camping is sitting around the campfire fire, especially when it’s cold. But a campfire is not so great when it’s raining and anyone that has camped during cold weather knows how hard it is to leave the fire and

Wildlife Conservation and Management

golden eagle

Open Letter Protesting Department of Interior Rule Allowing Wind Farms to Kill Eagles

Below is a letter I sent under my name to President Obama at the White House, the Department of Interior (DOI), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, both of my U.S. Senators and to my Congressman.  The DOI has issued a ruling that allows wind farms to kill eagles without penalty for the next 30 […]

wildlife mission statement

State Fish & Wildlife Mission Statements Purpose for Existing

Every organization should have a purpose, a reason for being, a mission. That mission should be expressed in their Mission Statement.  State Game Agencies were originally created to protect “valuable” species that were disappearing due to overharvesting. They were also created to destroy

Louisiana black bear with cubs

Louisiana Black Bear Recovery Plan

The Louisiana black bear (Ursus americanus luteolus) (LBB) is a Federally Threatened subspecies under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) found in three states; Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, with additional evidence that they were also in Arkansas. Louisiana is the primary state responsible

Survival Tips

mcmurdo fast find plb 210 with gps

Nevada Family Found Alive, but People Still Don’t Know about PLBs

The family that has been missing in the Nevada mountains were found alive Tuesday afternoon. Two adults and four children were taken to the hospital for mild hypothermia and dehydration and are expected to be released today. They were lucky. They did things wrong that put them at risk and

lee loader 45 acp reloading kit

Lee Loader Reloading Kits are Perfect for Beginners and Survival Kits

Lee Loader reloading kits are great for anyone that wants to try reloading without spending a lot of money for equipment because each kit only costs about $30. I bought the 45 auto

survival tips stuck under rock

Survival Tips: Tell Someone Before You Go

The mountains of the Western U.S. is an amazing place to live. With over 360 million acres of public land in eleven states, people come from all over the world to enjoy outdoor activities here. But like all mountainous areas, it can also be a dangerous place. It seems that someone dies almost every week […]

Fishing Tips, Trips and Catching Great Ol’ Biggerns

22 inch 4½ pound rainbow trout

Basic Knowledge of Fly Fishing Leaders Cures Beginner Casting Woes

When I started fly fishing, I spent weeks researching about different fly rods and reels and constantly bugged everyone in sight about what flies the fish were hitting. But I spent very little time learning about leaders. In fact, I skipped over that part in my fly fishing book, thinking I’ll come back to this […]

brown trout in net

Learning to Fly Fish

Want to learn to fly fish? There is much to learn, probably more to learn than you can imagine, but you don’t have to know it all to start. My first few fly fishing trips were with borrowed equipment and with experienced fly fishermen or guides. I flailed away with barely a clue

cutthroat trout

13 Large Arbor Fly Reels less than $200

For catching small fish, almost any fly reel will work, but if you plan to hook and land big fish, then a quality reel becomes very important. I was looking for a reel that could handle some of the big

Hunting Tips, Trials and Tribulations

packing game with travois

A Travois for Dragging Game, Use Physics to Pack Your Deer Out

Everyone has probably seen old pictures or a movie that shows native tribesmen dragging loads behind dogs or horses on poles across the plains. The “travois” comes from the French word “travail”, which basically means work of a painful or laborious nature; to toil. That doesn’t sound too good if I have to toil, but

bull elk

How much Meat to Pack Out on an Elk?

This post is related to the last post; How much Meat to Pack out on a Mule Deer? As an attempt to answer common questions about how much meat is on an animal and how do you pack out large animals, especially without horses

Mule Deer Buck in Velvet

How much Meat to Pack out on a Mule Deer?

It is one thing to drag a 100 lb white-tail across your grandfather’s pasture behind a 4-wheeler. It is another thing to pack a mule deer carcass back to your truck in rough country above 8,000 feet and it turns into real work if you have to pack