Fishing Tips

Below are fishing tips, information about tackle, lures and fishing excursions we have taken in the backcountry, high mountain streams as well as more easier access fishing locations, like local reservoirs, lakes and streams. Here is what we've learned along the way.

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Skittering for Trout on the Provo River

Each fall, we get excited about “skittering” for trout on our home waters; The Middle Provo River in Utah. Never heard of skittering? Maybe you’ve heard it called skating, but I call it skittering because that is a better description of how the

DIY Fly Fishing the Blackfoot River Valley Montana

The Blackfoot River is a well know “Blue Ribbon” fishery in Montana, so I perked up when Sonia said she booked a cabin

Provo River Hatch Chart – Catch Chart

I have a different take on a hatch chart. Instead of thinking about what insect is supposed to be hatching at a given time of year,

Beginner Fly Tying – How to Tie a Sow Bug Nymph to Bounce for Trout

My cousin Grayson came to visit and to learn how to fly fish. With the help of my fishing buddy Jim O’Neal, who happens to be one of the best fly fishing guides on the

How Often Do You Fish?

According to the Special Fishing Report 2014, the average person fished 19.7 days in 2013. That included 16.6 days in freshwater and 15.0 days in saltwater.

Fishing – The Third Most Popular Outdoor Activity

According to the 2013 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report (ORP), the most popular outdoor activity focused on the natural world is fishing. Fishing is the third ranked outdoor activity

Rubber Landing Nets: Better for Fish and Fishing

If you are a hook and cook’em person, it doesn’t much matter to the fish what type of landing net you use. But if you are a

Only 48% Participate in Outdoor Activities

I just read the 2015 Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report, which led me to the complete 2013 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report

Still Learning to Fly Fish

Back in May 2014, I was fishing one of my favorite spots on the river. I was casting a small dry fly (PMD) and wasn’t having much luck. I noticed a guide from the local fly shop and his client were catching fish regularly, but they were not fishing dry flies.

Catch More Trout on a Bounce Rig

As a fly fisherman, there’s nothing as satisfying as achieving a good cast, a perfect drag-free float and the feeling I get after fooling a trout into taking a dry fly. But dry fly fishing does not always work in all conditions or all seasons. As my fishing buddy/fish coach Jim O’Neal often tells me […]