Fishing Tips

Below are fishing tips, information about tackle, lures and fishing excursions we have taken in the backcountry, high mountain streams as well as more easier access fishing locations, like local reservoirs, lakes and streams. Here is what we've learned along the way.

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Provo River Fishing Report
Oct 6, 2017

Late September and October is such a good time of year to fish on the Provo River. The temperature has cooled off, but the fishing is still hot. And for some reason, few people are on the water. But since this

Provo River Fishing Regulations – Know the Rules and Protect our Fishery

Jim and I were fishing in the Lower Provo back in July and we found a large dead Brown Trout. The fish was tangled in the moss by fishing line that was trailing from his mouth and evidently broken off and died from

Backcountry Chronicles is a Guest on The Open Air Project Podcast

Several weeks ago, I got an email from Coty Soult and Steve Sunderland of The Open Air Project asking me if I would like to be on one of their podcasts. I listened to their introductory

Provo River Fishing Report
Sept 17, 2017

A fly fishing client from Atlanta had to cancel last week because Hurricane Irma was headed his way and he couldn’t leave his family when they were expecting high winds and flooding. Bad news. We haven’t heard how they fared,

Provo River Fishing Report
Sept 12, 2017

Last week was a mix of cool fall and hot summer weather on the Provo River. We have to admit we are looking forward to cooler fall temperatures. We fished the Middle Provo three times this week and the Lower Provo once.

Provo River (And Surrounding Area) Fishing Report September 5, 2017

This past week, we guides some folks to one of our outlying rivers (see video at bottom of page) and fished some of the high mountain lakes, so we didn’t

Provo River Fishing Report
August 26, 2017

We fished so much the last 10 days and helped new friends set up for the elk hunt, so we haven’t parked it long enough to write a report until now. This week every person we fished with was a beginning fly fisher (at least 10 beginners in all). I can not tell you how

Provo River Fishing Report
August 16, 2017

It was fun meeting many of you at the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival last week. There are some husbands and fathers that will have to practice

Provo River (and Surrounding Area) Fishing Report August 8, 2017

We try to get new fishing reports out by the weekend, but this past week we mainly fished on other rivers, so we had no personal information about fishing on the Provo River until yesterday.

BackCountry Adventures Fly Fishing Checklist

Below is the Checklist we send to our clients before every fly fishing trip. We provide all the fishing gear and the refreshments so our clients can enjoy the trip, learn to fly fish and catch fish.