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Below are fishing tips, information about tackle, lures and fishing excursions we have taken in the backcountry, high mountain streams as well as more easier access fishing locations, like local reservoirs, lakes and streams. Here is what we've learned along the way.

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Provo River Fishing Report
June 21, 2017

The flow in the Middle Provo River has decreased to less than 1,400 cfs and with the inflow at Hailstone now less than 1,200 cfs, we can expect the flow to decrease significantly in the coming weeks.

Provo River Fly Fishing Report
June 14, 2017

The Middle Provo is still high so this week we fished Mantua Reservoir, Diamond fork and Hobble Creek. As of today, the Middle Provo is still running at about 1,500 cfs. This is down from the peak flows of 1,700 cfs, but still way above normal, but most of the flow into

Provo River Fly Fishing Report
June 7, 2017

This is a short report to let everyone know the water released from Jordanelle increased from 900 cfs on June 3rd to 1,600 cfs on Monday and is running at 1,700 cfs today.

Provo River Fly Fishing Report
June 4, 2017

The water flows remain high on the Provo River and should be expected to increase to even higher levels in the coming weeks.

Provo River Fly Fishing Report – May 26, 2017

With the high water flows, the Fly Fishing theme on the Provo River has been the same the last several weeks and is expected to be the same until flows return to normal for the summer.

Provo River Fly Fishing Report – May 20, 2017

The Fly Fishing Theme on the Provo River is the same as last week. The water is still running extremely high, so look for slower water on the

Provo River Fly Fishing Report – May 15, 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and catch trout. This is a high water year and anglers need to adjust

Skittering for Trout on the Provo River

Each fall, we get excited about “skittering” for trout on our home waters; The Middle Provo River in Utah. Never heard of skittering? Maybe you’ve heard it called skating, but I call it skittering because that is a better description of how the

DIY Fly Fishing the Blackfoot River Valley Montana

The Blackfoot River is a well know “Blue Ribbon” fishery in Montana, so I perked up when Sonia said she booked a cabin

Provo River Hatch Chart – Catch Chart

I have a different take on a hatch chart. Instead of thinking about what insect is supposed to be hatching at a given time of year,