PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) and GPS
Essential Survival Tools for the Backcountry

PLB – Personal Locator Beacon

mcmurdo fast find plb 210 with gpsMcMurdo FastFind PLB – (Our PLB Review): I can’t say this strongly enough or often enough. Every person that spends time out of cell coverage should carry a PLB.

Nearly every week, someone dies or suffers for many hours (see examples) because they can’t call for help. If injured, they waste that precious “golden hour” trying to find help .

We spend thousands of dollars on toys, games and gear, but don’t have a simple PLB. It happened to me once and it will never happen again. View Top-Rated PLBs

GPS – Global Positioning System

gpsHandheld GPS –  Over the years, GPS has saved me from walking hundreds of extra miles because I knew exactly where I was and exactly where I wanted to go. I always “ping” the truck before heading out into the back country.

I have used a variety of backpack & handheld GPS for work before the U.S. military unscrambled the signal in 2000.

GPS is a must for hunters that need to find property lines and to find game cameras left in remote areas. My personal GPS is an old Megellan, but have a new Garmin with mapping, storage and data transfer options on my wish list (see Garmin 62S).

Game Camera/Trail Camera

moultrie game camera reviewMoultrie M-880 Game Camera (Read our Review and see photos): What a fun tool. To me, the game camera ranks third behind fishing rods and rifles for outdoor fun.

It’s a great tool for managing property for white-tailed deer and for identifying movement patterns.

Here in the West where there is more wild land and animal patterns are less predictable, it’s just plain fun to see what you can capture in a photo.

Trail cameras are not just another hunting gadget for Dad, but an educational tool for the whole family. See Moultrie M-880.

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