Lakes and Streams of the High Uintas with Arctic Grayling

arctic graylingWhile researching for places to catch Arctic grayling in Utah, I made a list some of the best known lakes in the High Uinta’s that have grayling.

The table below shows lakes where grayling have been recently caught. The table also includes the trailhead, county, trailhead elevation, lake elevation, round trip in miles, size and depth of each lake and the last year (I could find) that someone claimed to catch grayling.

We caught grayling in Marjorie Lake in 2013, but did not catch them in Weir Lake (Read post).

Other reports came from talking with other fishermen and from fishing reports and forums.

High Uinta Lakes with Recent Reports of Arctic Grayling

Lake Trailhead County Trailhead Elev. (ft) Lake Elev. (ft) Round Trip (miles) Acres Depth (ft) Recent Report
Big Dog Moon Lake Duchesne   8,235 10,117     16   6   12 record
Marjorie Crystal Lk Summit  10,030  9,980      5  13   16   2013
Round Dry Fork Summit   8,008  9,940      7   5   36   2013
Sand Dry Fork Summit   8,008 10,140      8  19   41   2013
Fish Dry Fork Summit   8,008 10,180      9  46   38   2013
Carolyn Highline Summit  10,515 10,460     13   5   17   2012
Weir Crystal Lk Summit  10,030  9,940      5   7   13   2010
Daynes Highline Summit  10,515 10,670     19  23.2   21   2010
Allen Uinta Duchesne   7,735 10,390     18  15.2   16   2010
Azure Washington Lk Summit  10,030 10,160      4.5   9   23   2009
Hayden Fork -Steam Hwy 150 Summit   2013

The information about Big Dog Lake is not recent, but is included because that is where the Utah State record grayling (1 lb 12 oz) was caught in 1998. These are the most common lakes, where most people report catching grayling, but these are only a few of the lakes and streams in Utah with grayling. Arctic grayling can also be found in southern and central Utah.

Any new information would be appreciated and will be used to update the table.

I hope this information helps you plan your next fishing trip.

Good Luck.

Resource for Information on Hiking and Fishing the Lakes of the High Uintas

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Information on “Lakes of the High Uintas”

Type “Lakes of the High Uintas” In the Search Bar. There are 38 titles listed, but look for the titles with a small link icon.

The above link used to allow you to download the following UDWR publications as pdf files:

(It appears all document links to the UDWR website have been broken. I left the link for now in hopes they can repair or re-direct the links. These documents are valuable historical resources and the State of Utah should do a better job of archiving these documents and maintaining  or re-directing links on their websites. If anyone is interested in seeing these documents, add a comment below. I have copies of all the PDFs I can send or post.)

  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Ashley Creek drainage
  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Provo & Weber River drainages
  • Lakes of the high Uintas : Provo & Weber River drainages Rev. ed., 1999.
  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Bear River & Blacks Fork drainage
  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Smiths Fork, Henrys Fork and Beaver Creek drainage
  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Whiterocks River drainage
  • Lakes of the High Uintas: Duchesne River drainage
  • Lakes of the high Uintas: Yellowstone, Lake Fork & Swift Creek drainages
  • Lakes of the high Uintas: Sheep Creek, Carter Creek & Burnt Fork drainages
  • Lakes of the high Uintas: Dry Gulch & Uinta River drainages
  • Lakes of the high Uintas: Rock Creek drainage

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  1. Mark Richardson says:

    I just caught a grayling today in the upper Provo River just below the Slate River Gorge overlook. 11 inches.

    • Hi Mark: I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. If grayling are in lakes in the Provo River watershed that they find their way into the upper Provo. But this is the first I have heard of grayling in the upper Provo. Do you have any pictures?

  2. Matt Schiffgen says:

    Unexpectedly caught a 13 inch Grayling out of Washington Lake on Wednesday. Caught a lot of brooks all day but this was the only Grayling of the trip. It was my first Grayling, a nice fighter and a great time. I have a couple pics.

  3. Jeffrey Loewe says:

    I caught about 4-5 Grayling on the North side of Crystal yesterday 6/20/16.

    Various sizes as well. I can send photos if needed!

  4. Ashton winter says:

    Hey I caught 2 (12 to 14 inch) Artic grayling today in Utah.

  5. July 2016, Big dog lake had winter kill no Grayling.

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