2014 Elk Harvest Data – 7 Western States with OTC Tags

The 2014 elk harvest data for elk are finally available for the seven Western States with over-the-counter (OTC) elk tags and are included in the table below.

The table is ranked by highest total elk harvested to the lowest.

Table 1. 2014 Total Elk Harvest from 7 Western States

State OTC Tags Bull Elk Cow Elk Total Elk Total Hunters Success Avg. Days Hunted
Colorado  R&NR  22,435  19,465  41,900   217,769  19.2%       5.3
Wyoming    R  10,976  14,929  25,905    58,266  44.5%     19.2
Montana  R&NR  13,142  12,594  25,735   107,663  23.9%       8.8
Idaho R&NR  11,293   8,773  20,076    96,212  20.8%       5.9
Oregon  R&NR  12,065    6,721  18,772   106,982  17.5%       6.1
Utah*  R&NR   7,659    9,474  17,133    69,503  24.7%       5.3
Washington  R&NR   3,838    3,128   6,966    66,606  10.5%       ???
  • R&NR = Over-the -Counter (OTC) Elk Tags available for both Residents & Non-residents in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington – R = OTC tags only for Residents In Wyoming (Click links for related posts).
  • Utah does not include harvest from Limited-Entry Antlerless Elk or the new Antlerless Elk-Control hunts in the totals. See Tables here for more detail.

Except where noted for Utah, Bull Elk include all Antlered Elk including spikes. Cow Elk include all Antlerless Elk (cows and calves). Total Elk Harvested, Total Hunters, Hunter Success and the Average Days hunted includes the harvest of all elk from all hunt seasons in all units by all hunting methods. Average Days hunted is the average of all hunters, not just successful hunters. I no longer keep track of elk harvest data of four states (Arizona, California, New Mexico or Nevada) that have only Limited Entry elk tags.

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Most Elk were Harvested in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

Again, Colorado still has the largest elk harvest because they still the largest elk population. Colorado still has more hunters than the other states, but they still spread that hunting pressure over many different seasons.

Wyoming is now ranked 3rd ahead of Montana and Montana still has almost twice as many hunters as Wyoming. Wyoming still claims an amazing overall success rate over 40% (including resident OTC tags).

In Idaho, total elk harvest was over 20,000 (increased 23%) from just over 16,000 in 2013. There has been much talk about the elk harvest being low in Idaho because of increasing wolf numbers, but overall harvest was up. Idaho had an increase in hunters by about 10% between 2013 and 2014.

Finally got 2014 Elk Harvest data for Utah and Washington

Elk harvest is also up in Oregon (13%) from 16,596 in 2013 to 18,772 in 2014. The number of elk hunters was about the same as last year, but success in Oregon increased by about 2 percent.

As expect harvest data for total elk was up again in Utah where the UDWR has encouraged hunters to harvest as many cow elk from certain units as possible to slow the population growth. Antlerless elk harvest was 9,474, up from 8,748 in 2013. Bull Elk harvest was slightly down from 2013 (8,131 to 7,659). The number of elk hunters increased by another 3,000 in Utah.

Total elk harvest in Washington decreased from 2013 to 2014 from 7,246 to 6,966, but there were also about 2,000 less hunters. Washington usually has the lowest success rate in this group and still does at 10.5% success.

For comparisons to earlier years to see how the numbers harvested, the number of hunters and harvest success has changed click here for 2012, here for 2013.

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