Fishing Tips

Below are fishing tips, information about tackle, lures and fishing excursions we have taken in the backcountry, high mountain streams as well as more easier access fishing locations, like local reservoirs, lakes and streams. Here is what we've learned along the way.

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Provo River Spring Runoff; a Look at Historical Water Flows and Trout Habitat

Everyone seems to be talking about the water flow on the Middle Provo again this week since the flow just bumped up to 1800 cfs yesterday (May 19, 2020). People are saying they don’t remember this much water this early. Well, memories of events can be wrong. Every Spring we get questions about when the […]

Provo River Fishing Report Early May and Outlook Mid May

Jim and I had a good day on the Middle Provo this week despite the fact that the flow had just increased to 650 cfs. We met at 10:00 am, but didn’t really start fishing until after 11:00. The water temperature on Thursday

Provo River Fishing Report Late April and Outlook Early May

Jim finally escaped from quarantine and went fishing on the Lower Provo this week and I got out on the Middle Provo three times. Our normal guiding/teaching business is still on pause until the pandemic is over but I have been able to help a few anglers I see on the river

Provo River Fishing Report and Outlook Late April/Early May

Jim is still holed up down in Salt Lake County, but I live close to the river (luck has nothing to do with it) in Wasatch County so  I am still able to get out and fish and keep a safe social distance from everyone.

Provo River Fishing Report and Outlook April

With the Covid-19 Virus self distance order in effect, Jim has been holed up down in Salt Lake County. Since I live close to the river in Wasatch County, I am still able to get out and fish, but have been lax on taking the time to write up a fishing report.

Don’t Waste Sour Milk – Make Cottage Cheese

When I need milk, I always buy a gallon, but rarely finish it before it starts to go sour. Why not buy half gallon?

Provo River Fishing Report Late July & Outlook for August

Since the last fishing report, the flow is back down on the Middle and Lower Provo Rivers making it easier for everyone to spread out and find places to fish. Overall, fishing has been fairly good despite the high flows, but it hasn’t been easy to find places to fish that weren’t crowded. The current […]

Provo River Fishing Report Mid June & Outlook for Late June

The Spring Runoff on the Middle Provo is in full swing and has been running at over 940 cfs since the first of June. The water below the dam is running clear and cold (about 40° F).

Provo River Fishing Report for Late May & Outlook for Early June

The Spring Runoff has started on the  Middle Provo. The water below the dam is running clear and cold (about 40° F) at about 523 cfs. The flow bumped to over 400 cfs on Thursday, then over 500 cfs on Friday just before the Memorial Day weekend.

Provo River Fishing Report and Outlook for May

The Middle Provo is running clear at about 325 cfs clear and is very cold (about 40° F near the dam). There is a good Baetis hatch