DIY Maple Syrup From Boxelder Trees

One of the things still on my bucket list was to tap maple trees and make syrup. When I first moved to Utah, “Canyon Maples” blanketed the lower elevation of the Wellsville Mountains on the West side of Cache Valley. An old timer told me about tapping those trees and making maple syrup and put the […]

What’s Does it Take To Eat a Good Elk Burger?

Do you know what it takes? I was enjoying an elk burger a couple of days ago (shared this same pic on Instagram @backcountrychroniclesdotcom) and was thinking about everything involved with putting that delicious burger on my plate.

BackcoutryChronicles is Guest on Sizzlin Arrow Outdoors Podcast

I was first introduced to Paul Rhoades several months ago by a mutual friend. Paul owns  a company called Sizzlin Arrow Outdoors which currently has a Pod Cast

Don’t Waste Sour Milk – Make Cottage Cheese

When I need milk, I always buy a gallon, but rarely finish it before it starts to go sour. Why not buy half gallon?