Hunting Tips

Below are hunting tips and information from our DIY hunting experiences in the backcountry. Whether its hunting deer, elk, grouse or other game, we always have fun and learn something new - successes and failures alike.

-->Hunting Elk - Everything From Planning to Packing ‘em Out.

2019 Utah Antlerless Elk-Control Permits

The Utah Division of Wildlife began issuing antlerless elk-control permits for the first time in 2014 for units that were above the population objective. These permits provide additional opportunities

Top 25 Montana General Elk Rifle Hunt Districts for 2019 Elk Hunt

In previous posts I have ranked the archery and rifle hunt districts (aka hunt units) for the General Elk seasons for various western states. I would like to do the same for the General Elk season in Montana, but

2017 Western States General Elk Harvest

To really get down to analyzing harvest data, we really have to examine individual hunt units (aka districts or zones) and include the total amount of public land and it would help if states keep track of hunter effort. Montana has recently stopped reporting hunter effort, so that data will be missing in the future. […]

Top Utah General Rifle Elk Hunt Units

I’ve had more questions recently from non-resident elk hunters asking about the Utah General Elk Season. Utah has plenty of elk and many units are above the population objectives, so why not hunt in Utah? But not all general units are good bets for hunters not

Top 25 Idaho General Elk Archery Hunt Units

In an earlier post, I ranked the rifle units and continue here and rank the top 26 elk archery hunting units in Idaho based on the most recent harvest results. Anyone planning a DIY public land elk hunt needs to start the process for picking a hunt unit while Over-the-Counter (OTC) tags may still be […]

Top 25 Idaho General Elk Rifle Hunt Units

I ranked the top 25 elk rifle hunting units in Idaho based on the most recent harvest results, so those planning a DIY public land elk hunt can start the process for picking a hunt unit while Over-the-Counter (OTC) tags may still be available.

Backcountrychronicles is Guest on John Stallone’s Interviews with the Hunting Masters

John Stallone is an American bowhunter, TV personality, Podcast host, outdoor videographer and an author. John is the host of the TV show called John Stallone Days in the Wild

2018 Big Game Hunt Application Deadline in Western States

This is this year’s reminder so you don’t miss the application deadlines to hunt your favorite big game animal in your favorite western state. Different states have different species of big game

Non-Residents Can Hunt Elk in Montana

Despite the fact that the elk harvest in Montana ranks third only behind Colorado and Wyoming, I have not thought much about hunting elk in Montana since non-residents had to

Hunt Elk in Utah with Over-the-Counter Permits

Currently updating this post for 2024 Utah’s General Elk Season permits are not called “Over-the-counter (OTC) permits but they are available OTC for both residents and non-residents on a first come first serve basis.