Hunting Tips

Below are hunting tips and information from our DIY hunting experiences in the backcountry. Whether its hunting deer, elk, grouse or other game, we always have fun and learn something new - successes and failures alike.

-->Hunting Elk - Everything From Planning to Packing ‘em Out.

Liver Mush – DIY Make it Your Own Self

Liver mush (aka liver pudding) has been my favorite breakfast meat since I was a child. Few of my childhood friends seemed to know what it was, so I realized then it was not eaten by all southerners. What a shame,

No More Excuses for Hunting without a Rangefinder

I’ve written several articles about how distance estimation effects shooting (see list at end of post) and have bought, used and trained field biologist about how to use a variety of range finders.

Backcountry Chronicles is a Guest on The Open Air Project Podcast

Several weeks ago, I got an email from Coty Soult and Steve Sunderland of The Open Air Project asking me if I would like to be on one of their podcasts. I listened to their introductory

How to use Harvest Data to Choose an Elk Unit for a DIY Public Land Hunt

If you were hunting elk with a local friend or family member, they should know where to hunt. But most DIY non-resident elk hunters will have to use basic hunting statistics to help choose the elk unit(s) they want to hunt.

DIY Elk Hunters – Choose an Elk Unit in a National Forest

There is no substitute for having local knowledge of an area, but few first time DIY elk hunters have that local knowledge. To increase the odds of finding elk, I recommend that first time DIY elk hunters start by hunting in one of the National Forests.

How to Choose an Elk Unit for a DIY Public Land Hunt – Part II

In the previous post, I mentioned there are four basic first steps for a DIY elk hunt. First, choose a State, Learn the Rules and the Lingo, Choose a Unit and then Scout and Prepare. I covered some factors to consider

How to Choose an Elk Unit for a DIY Public Land Hunt – Part I

I wrote the DIY Elk Hunting Guide for anyone who wants to do a DIY fair-chase elk hunt on public land and especially for those who need more information or help about selecting a state and hunt unit and planning for an elk hunt.

Top Utah General Archery Elk Hunt Units for 2017

I get lots of questions from non-resident elk hunters asking about the Utah General Elk Season. This post continues with the General Utah Archery Elk Hunt data.

2017 Big Game Application Deadlines in Western States

Note: This was last years reminder… See 2018 Big Game Hunt Application Deadline in Western States Different states have different species of big game

Hunt Elk in Wyoming with Over-the-Counter Tags in 2019

Wyoming is another state that offers Over-the-Counter (OTC) elk tags, but has now been limited to residents only.