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Wall Tent Wood Stoves Buying Guide – Comparison of Types and Features

Half the fun of camping is sitting around the campfire fire, especially when it’s cold. But a campfire is not so great when it’s raining and anyone that has camped during cold weather knows how hard it is to leave the fire and

Tips for Observing Wildlife with Binoculars and Spotting Scopes

The Fall raptor migration has already started again this year and I recently had the opportunity to share these amazing birds with a group of people interested in learning more about them.

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Portable Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

When you purchase products from our links, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases Sonia surprised me when she bought our Sea Eagle FoldCat Portable Inflatable Pontoon Boat. I guess she got tired of hearing me say “we could fish this water better if

Internal Frame Wall Tent; Getting the Size Right and Planning for Shrinkage

If you have or are considering an angle kit for an internal frame for you wall tent, determining the number of Legs, Ridges, Side Supports and Rafters is fairly simple, but if you have more than a few rafters, the total number of pieces starts to add up fast.

Internal Frame for Wall Tent; How many Rafters?

When we bought our wall tent, we also bought an angle kit for an internal frame. To save money on shipping, I bought 1 inch EMT tubing at the local building supply and cut the poles myself. The Angle kit consists of 3 and 4-way connectors

Bear Spray Or Gun: Which Is A Better Defense Against A Bear Attack?

As a guy that always totes a gun in the backcountry, my first response to that questions was “duhhh”, I’ll rely on my gun (vs bear spray). But I have had to reconsider. Grizzly bears are huge Apex predators, and fit into a special category of mega fauna that demands

What Size Wall Tent Should I Get? Size Comparisons & Layout Diagrams

The size of a wall tent you need depends on several basic factors. How many people need to sleep in the tent? Are you sleeping on the floor or sleeping on cots? Are most of the people adults or children? Will the tent be for

Wall Tent Buying Guide | Basics, Options and Extras

When you start searching for information about wall tents, you will find there are many wall tents designed without any modern inventions like zippers, Velcro, snaps, mosquito netting, modern nylon rope or even tent stakes unless

Canvas Wall Tent Fabric 101: Types, Treatments, Strength, Shrinkage and More

We learned a little about canvas while researching wall tents. After we started camping in a wall tent, we’ve leaned a little more. If you are also considering buying a wall tent, here is some information about choosing the type of canvas for your wall tent. You

A Canvas Wall Tent – Camping Without Hauling a Trailer

Several years ago, we decided a wall tent might be a good alternative to sleeping in the back of the truck or in our backpacking tents, especially in cold weather and when we planned to sleep near the truck anyway. Of course, we enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a nice, heated camping trailer, but