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Top 3 Reasons to Shoot and Hunt with a Muzzleloader

The first time I shot my Thompson Center Muzzleloader, I instantly fell in love with it. I like seeing the smoke, I like the deep booming sound and I like the challenge of trying to shoot accurately with

Worst Case Scenario PLB Testing – PLB Test in Slot Canyons at Zion National Park

Since Aron Ralston was pinned by a rock in a slot canyon near Moab, Utah in 2003, there have been questions about the ability of SARSAT satellites to receive a distress calls from a PLB that is deep inside a slot canyon, especially canyons that are oriented north-south. For more

ACR vs McMurdo Fast Find Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) Comparison Review

There are many companies that have Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) approved by COSPAS/SARSAT, but there are only a few that are trying to market PLBs to the average back country hunter, hiker or adventurer. In the U.S, that segment of the PLB market is dominated by

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) – Don’t Leave Home Without One

This article is not just about what a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is and how it works, this article is really about why you should buy one for yourself or for someone you care about if anyone spends time in the backcountry or any place that is remote or

Machete Knife Review for Camp and Survival

African Machetes The less misguided part of my youth was spent in West Africa where I lived in a small village for almost 3 years.  Everyone carried a machete every time they left the village to go into the bush. The machetes were made by the local black smith from the leaf springs of

Full-Size USMC KA-BAR Fighting Knife with Serrated Edge Review

In an earlier post, we discussed the need to add a utility/survival knife to our gear and we also made a list of things to consider for a good survival knife. This was primarily going to be my wife’s knife because she

What Makes the Best Survival Knife?

One common piece of good advice that comes from nearly all survival theme TV shows (i.e., Bear Grylls, Man vs Wild, Dual Survival, Survivorman, etc…) is the need for a good survival knife and my wife used to remind me of that fact after almost every show.

Vanguard Tripod Review and Comparison of MAK S, MAK 201, MAK 263 and MAK 234 Models

Below is our Vanguard Tripod Review. After I bought a spotting scope, I needed a tripod, so I went to the local sporting goods store where they have many options for tripods. They had a display with four models of the Vanguard MAK series tripods. This article is a comparison

Nikon Prostaff 16-48X65 Spotting Scope Review

Below is our detailed Nikon Prostaff 16-48×65 spotting scope review and our decision making process and why we chose the Nikon Prostaff and eliminated other scopes

A Word About Spotting Scope Reviews – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I read many reviews online about the Nikon ProStaff and all of the other 20 spotting scopes that made my final list. After two months of using the the Nikon ProStaff in the field, I went back and read some of them again