Survival Tips

Here is a collection of survival tips and techniques you can use if you ever get caught in a survival situation. Being prepared with the right skills, gear and mindset makes all the difference, sometimes a life and death difference.

Nevada Family Found Alive, but People Still Don’t Know about PLBs

Back in 2013, A family that has been missing in the Nevada mountains were found alive after spending several days after their vehicle became stuck in the snow. Two adults and four children were taken to the hospital for mild hypothermia and dehydration and are expected to be released today. They were lucky. They did […]

Lee Loader Reloading Kits are Perfect for Beginners and Survival Kits

Lee Loader reloading kits are great for anyone that wants to try reloading without spending a lot of money for equipment because each kit only costs about $30. I bought the 45 auto

Survival Tips: Tell Someone Before You Go

The mountains, canyons and deserts of the Western U.S. are amazing places to live. With over 360 million acres of public land in eleven states, people come from all over the world to enjoy outdoor activities here. But like all mountainous areas, they can also be

Wilderness Survival Rules of 3 – Air, Shelter, Water and Food

Those who venture into the great outdoors should, at a bare minimum, know the survival rules of three. A friend told me a story about getting lost with a dozen people and horses

Survival Basics – A Close Call and a Lesson Learned

Back in September of 2010, I was working by myself because my young field crew had all abandoned me to go back to college. I was setting some live traps to sample for flying squirrels. If no flying squirrels were found,