Wildlife Conservation

Below are information, opinions and ideas regarding wildlife conservation and management of big game, upland game and other wildlife populations.

Losing Wintering Habitat for Elk and Mule Deer

We live in a place where we can still watch deer and elk from our house. At night, both elk and deer slip down into the pastures, alfalfa fields and the last few undeveloped sage areas on our side of the valley to feed. The deer also come into our yards to feed on the […]

Keeping Skunks Out of Your Campsite – Skunk Problem or People Problem?

We have enjoyed camping in our wall tent. We have used it as base camp during the fall hunting seasons and just to enjoyed the outdoors during the summer. Our wall tent is spacious and warm, but it is not 100% critter proof. We use a canvas drop cloth for a floor. The floor is […]

Who Opposes HR 1581: Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act

The list is long and distinguished of the organizations that Oppose HR 1581. First, here is a Letter from 13 Conservation groups to Senators. The letter also lists an additional  206 organizations that also opposes opening roads on BLM and USFS lands. Second,

Why Some Groups Support HR 1581: Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act

I can’t automatically go along with HR 1581 (read our previous post for background info) just because it is supported by some of the groups I support or have supported in the past. I need to think seriously about the purpose of the bill and how

Who Thinks Opening More Roads Will Make Hunting Better? HR 1581: Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act

We feel extremely lucky to be living where we do. We were both able to find jobs in the area and after a few years, we were able to chose where we live based on access to public land.  Specifically, we chose to live near undeveloped National Forest lands that we can easily access for […]

How Bad are Fences for Wildlife?

I’ve seen it dozens of times before and you probably have too. The partial mummified carcass or skeleton of a deer, elk or antelope hanging in a wire fence. But now here is another one and it’s almost in my back yard. This was one of last year’s fawns that came through our neighborhood last […]