Fall Spawning Trout

brown trout provo river with backcountrychronicles.com fly fishingWhen brown trout spawn in the Fall, they lose some of their caution and move into shallow riffles above or below pools. They aggressively protect nest areas. Fishermen that use something that imitates a minnow can catch them but may have to cast several times to get the trout to bite. That’s because the fish want to drive the lure away, not eat it.

Some anglers prefer not to bother trout that are spawning and vulnerable but others look forward to exciting action with the big browns. One reason is normally unavailable oversize cannibal trout come out of the depths to fin in plain sight. Make whatever fly or lure you use pass near the trout but not coming at the fish. Better to present the lure moving cross current in front of the trout.

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Rainbow trout naturally spawn in Spring but some use Fall because they or their progenitors were hatched that time of year. Trout eat eggs, which may seem counter productive but consider that they eat the eggs of other trout that drift downstream. This favors an individual trout’s chances of passing on it’s genes in exclusion of others.

As things get cool in Fall, brook trout gather at stream inlets. Access may be difficult due to primitive roads or cold wet weather. Spinners or jigs work but flies like the Mickey Finn (a yellow and red streamer) may out-perform everything else.

Fly Fishing for Brown Trout Provo River Thanksgiving

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