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Guide Rates for Walk/Wade Trips

We provide all the fishing gear (including flies) for half-day trips.

Half-Day Trips (4 – 5 hours on the water)

1 anglerĀ  – $325
2 anglers – $480
3 anglers – $640
4 anglers – $800

Full-Day Trips (at least 8 hours on the water)

We provide all the fishing gear (including flies) for full-day trips

1 anglerĀ  – $ 490
2 anglers – $ 600
3 anglers – $ 900
4 anglers – $1200

If you have a group of 3 or 4, or even 5 we can guide you all together. Just be advised it may be difficult for the group to stay together most of the day.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not provide lunch since we do not want to be responsible for the safety of your food. We will reimburse the price of your lunch if you provide a receipt.

*Our Guide Rates do not include a Utah Fishing License or Guide Gratuity

Utah fishing License info:

  • Non-resident – Adult- 3 days- $24; 7 days $40- age 14-17- 1 year $25 ; age 12-13- 1 year $5
  • Resident – 365 days- Age 18 – 64 – $34; Age 65+ – $25; age 14-17 – $16; age 12-13 – $5

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We Provide All the Fishing Gear You Need

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any fishing gear at all or you just want to try out different gear, we have everything you need.

We have all the waders, boots, fly fishing equipment and flies you need. You are welcome to use your own gear unless you have duck hunting waders with rubber boots. These are not safe when walking on slick river rocks.

The majority of our guided trips are on the Middle or Lower Provo River system, but we often fish more remote rivers and streams.

Because of the Covid virus, we are not traveling to those locations at this time because it is not safe to carpool. When the virus is under control, we will start offering special trips to “secret” rivers and small streams again.

Because of the travel time involved, special trips to remote streams are full-day trips only and are dependent more upon the season than the weather.

We fish all year round and in all weather, so bring rain gear if it looks like rain or your cold weather gear if it’s cold, but we will take care of you if you’re not prepared. Remember to bring a pair of socks (above the ankle) for wading.

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