DIY ELK Hunting Guide – Links to Photos and Resources

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Part II: Where to Hunt?

Links to Habitat Photos:

Chapter 4: The Lay of the Land

Chapter 5: National Forests and Hunt Units by State

Links to Photos of National Forests:

Chapter 6: State Licenses, Tags and Lingo

Links to State Regulations, Hunt Season Info, Hunt Unit Maps, etc.:

Part III: Preparation for the Hunt

Chapter 1: Training

Wind Effect on Ballistics

Free Ballistics Calculators:

Chapter 3: Gear, Camp & Clothing

Pack Animals

How to use dynamite to remove dead horse from trail

Chapter 4: Field Dressing and Packing Out

Following PDF files are from University of Wyoming:

Gutless Quartering Method

You tube videos:

Transport Rules in CWD Areas

Chapter 5: Transporting Meat Back Home

Transport Rules in CWD Areas

CWD Issues:

Aging Elk Meat

Following PDF file is from University of Wyoming:
Aging Game

Part IV: Safety

Chapter 3: Temperatures at High Elevation

Check out actual weather station data here.

Zoom to Area, Click on Site, then Click “Site Page” at bottom of “pop up” to see historical data.

Chapter 4: Safety in Bear Country

Video – Original video removed – another video of guy being stalked by cinnamon colored black bear (watch video here)

Grizzly Bears

Tips for Elk Hunters in Grizzly Country (PDF)

Chapter 5: Gun or Pepper Spray in Bear Country?

FWS Fact Sheet -Bear Spray vs Bullets (PDF)

Part V: Finding Elk and Hunting Strategies

Chapter 1: Elk Habitat Models

Distance from Roads

Study on hunter activity in Montana (Download PDF)

Forest Cover

Abstract of study shows elk moving back into open country

Chapter 6: Elk Sign


Compare Elk, Moose & Deer Tracks Diagrams


Other Sign


Part VII: Resources

EPA download site has changed (click here). Links on page 60 in the pdf do not work (will redirect to this site next update).

Chapter 1: Ecoregion Descriptions, Mountain Ranges & Links to Photographic Examples

Chapter 3: Habitat Descriptions & Photos at (formerly at Tarleton State University)

Chapter 4: Additional Information about Forest Types by State

U.S. – Vegetation and Environmental Features of Forest and Range Ecosystems (PDF) – good black & white photos.

ColoradoGo to Website (see Forest Types Overview)







Chapter 5: Additional Resources

Printable Federal Land Maps
State by State Google Earth KMZ files for Public Land Ownership

Miscellaneous Stuff

Tuvan people (Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Siberia) hunt elk with lasso on skis  or just see photo