Modern Inline Muzzleloader Guide to
Loading, Shooting & Cleaning for Accuracy

This Muzzleloader Guide Is For:

modern inline muzzleloader guide

  • Someone who wants to start shooting a modern inline muzzleloader such as a Thompson Center, Traditions, CVA, Knight or Savage Arms OR
  • Someone that wants to shoot their modern muzzleloader more accurately.
how measure muzzleloader powder

Muzzleloader Guide Contents:

This 70-page guide includes 31 Detailed Color Photos and 4 tables of Loading, Cleaning & Equipment.

Customer Reviews:

5-star review Muzzleloader GuideESSENTIAL primer for first time muzzleloaders!
“Thank you thank you thank you Dan Allen! Like most first time muzzleloaders, I was fascinated with the sport, did my homework on what I wanted, purchased two awesome T/C’a on excellent discount (one for me one for son), but knew nothing on how to shoot or maintain them!

Dan’s account of his own experience mirrored mine from initially visiting the “experts” at the major outfitters who had NOBODY who knew anything about muzzleloading to that dude at the range that either had no time for my questions or too knew nothing about muzzleloading; even the range officers who I look too often for their expertise on other than muzzleloading knew nothing!

After reading this and preparing my supplies, I felt totally prepared at the range first time (although I did say a little prayer first fire for God not to let me blow myself up in front of my son!)! Get it- totally worth the expense!” – Slap Happy (Amazon Reviewer)

5-star review Muzzleloader GuideGreat Starter
“This is a good entry into muzzle loader shooting. I bought a Ruger 50 caliber black powder rifle and had no idea how to use it and no one to ask- this ebook got me on the correct path.” – Elwood Dowd

5-star review Muzzleloader GuideGreat Book
“Definitely worth the money. Really good info. I just bought a muzzleloader and a few books. This one has very relevant up to date practical tips.” -Thomas Tamasese

60 day back guarantee

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that our Muzzleloader Guide is improving your shooting accuracy within 60 days, just let us know and we will refund your money. That’s how confident we are that this resource will help you improve your muzzleloading skills.

About the Author

modern inline muzzleloader guideDan Allan got into shooting a muzzleloader by pure luck. While looking for a new elk rifle, he ended up with an elk rifle and a modern inline muzzleloader. He had never shot a muzzleloader before and didn’t have anyone he could rely on for information. He quickly found out that getting started with a new muzzleloader is not the same as buying another center fire rifle, a box of ammo and heading to the range…

From Dan:

“All of my initial information was from the internet or from other shooters at the range and most of that information was wrong. Over the last several years, I gradually separated the bad information from the good until I was able to shoot 1 MOA accuracy with my Thompson Center Encore. It occurred to me that this same information might be helpful to others that were just getting into muzzleloader shooting, especially shooting a modern inline muzzleloader. So in this book, I share with you the mistakes I have made, the bad information I was given and valuable tips I learned along the way.”

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