DIY Elk Hunting Guide: Lay of the Land

Copyright © 2017 by Dan Allan

Part II: Where to Hunt?

Chapter 4: The Lay of the Land

Download ecoregion info from EPA

Northern Inner Piedmont
of Virginia, the Sand Hills of the Carolinas and the Talladega Upland of Alabama and Georgia.

Habitats used by Rocky Mountain Elk

Sagebrush new link, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Sage & Ponderosa, Elk in sage

Mountain Shrub
Oak Brush, Mountain Mahogany, Serviceberry, Mountain Shrub & Mixed Conifer, elk in oak brush, Distant elk in mtn shrub, elk in oak brush

Pinyon-Pine and/or Juniper Woodland (PJ)
Pinyon-Juniper, Photo 2, Photo 3, PJ & sage, Elk in PJ, Elk in sage & PJ, Elk down PJ/Sage

Ponderosa Pine
Ponderosa pinePhoto 2Photo 3, Elk in Ponderosa Pine

Lodgepole Pine
Lodgepole pine, Elk in lodgepole

Interior Douglas-Fir and Mixed Conifer
Douglas-fir, Photo 2, Mixed Conifer, Elk in Mixed Conifer


Aspen, Mixed Aspen/Conifer, Mixed Aspen/Conifer/Open, Mixed Aspen/Conifer/Open2, Aspen Patches, Elk in aspen, Elk in mixed aspen/conifer, Elk in mixed aspen/conifer2, elk in mixed aspen/conifer3, Elk Bed in mixed aspen/conifer (rifle shows where bull elk was bedded), elk teeth marks on Aspen

Spruce-fir, Photo 2, Photo 3, spruce-fir & alpine, spruce-fir & alpine

Grasslands, Mountain Meadows and Alpine Habitats
Grassland 1, Grassland 2, Elk in mountain meadowAlpine, Elk on alpine tundra, Elk drinking from Yellowstone Lake

Habitats used by Roosevelt Elk

Elk in Coastal Forest, Photo 2, Elk in clear cut, Another Coastal Rain Forest

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