2019 Utah Antlerless Elk-Control Permits

cow elk on public land

Cow elk on Public Land

The Utah Division of Wildlife began issuing antlerless elk-control permits for the first time in 2014 for units that were above the population objective.

These permits provide additional opportunities for hunters with a buck deer, bull elk or any once-in-a-lifetime (OIL) permit to harvest a cow elk and

These antlerless elk-control permits are also available for purchase with a valid General Season Elk Permit which are available over the counter (OTC) for both residents and non-residents.

2019 utah antlerless elk permit units

Map shows the general location of the 7 Any Bull Elk Units where Antlerless Control Tags are valid in 2019. This map is  obviously for general reference purposes and not for exact boundaries.

In 2019, elk populations are still at or above objective in seven hunt units, so the Utah Division of Wildlife is encouraging hunters to harvest cow elk from these units.

Anyone interested in hunting during the general season with OTC tags can improve their chances by getting an antlerless elk-control permit after they purchase the general permit.

Also, if you already have a buck deer tag and will be hunting in any of these units, you can pick up an antlerless elk tag.

There are 15,000 tags available for the General Elk Season (both the General Spike Elk and Any Bull Elk Tags), so first come first serve (most may be gone now Aug 3, 2019).

Note that Antlerless Elk Permits are now only in the Any Bull Units.

The antlerless elk-control permits went on sale July 23, 2019 (8:00 am) and cost $30 for Utah residents and $93 for non-residents..

2019 Utah Antlerless Elk-Control Units

Hunt With OTC Any Bull Elk Tag

  • Chalk Creek
  • East Canyon
  • Henry Mountains
  • Morgan-South Rich
  • South Slope, Yellowstone
  • West Desert – Tintic
  • West Desert – Vernon
  • also hunt above units with any other valid mule deer buck or OIL license

Make Note of these Restrictions for Antlerless elk-control permits in Utah:

  • The antlerless elk-control permit allows you to harvest an antlerless elk in the same unit where you have a buck mule deer, or bull elk or once-in-a-lifetime permit
  • Antlerless elk-control permits are not valid statewide
  • The Buck Deer, Bull Elk and Once-in-a-lifetime hunt units may be larger than the antlerless elk-control unit, so you must verify all hunt boundaries
  • The antlerless elk permit is only valid during the season dates and with the same weapon listed on the buck, bull or once-in-a-lifetime permit

Where/When to Buy Utah Antlerless Elk Tags for 2019

You can pick these tags up anywhere that sells licenses at any time after you have your other buck, bull elk or OIL permit. or you can buy them online here at the UDWR website.

As I mentioned above, antlerless elk-control permits went on sale July 23, 2019 (8:00 am) and cost $30 for Utah residents and $93 for non-residents.

Good luck on your hunt.

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