DIY Elk Hunting Guide
Everything From Planning to Packing ’em Out

New 3rd Edition.

This Elk Hunting Guide Is For:elk hunting guide

  • Someone who wants to do a DIY fair-chase elk hunt on public land and
  • Someone who needs more information & help with planning and budgeting their hunt, selecting a state, hunting strategies, training, logistics, backcountry safety & more.

About This Guide

This 338 page guide includes 27 chapters and 7 resource sections of information that took me over a year to put together and includes tips and lessons I’ve learned in my 25+ years of elk hunting and outdoor experiences in the West.

I also gathered information from many different State and Federal sources so that it is easily accessible for you in one convenient place:

  • Information about where to find elk on public land in the West
  • Important information needed to decide which of the 7 best Western states to hunt
  • Where to find all the License & Tag information for 7 best Western states
  • National Forests are linked with Hunt Units for each of the 7 Western states
  • Gear, Physical Preparation & Realistic Target Practice Tips to Prepare for Hunt
  • Elk Kill Zone & Ethical Shots
  • Safety Tips for Backcountry, High Altitude & Bear Country
  • Logistics – getting to camp, finding elk, packing meat out & getting it home
  • Different habitat types, ecoregions and mountain ranges you can expect to find with links to photos
  • Hunting strategies for different times of the season
  • This book also includes many other resources to help you decide where to hunt

Recent Customer Reviews and Messages:

4-star review of Elk Hunting GuideExcellent Data: “This book is a comprehensive source of data that many hunters have overlooked, forgotten or avoided. The author provides anecdotes from his wealth of experience with a good sense of humor. This book has much to offer for the new and experienced hunter. I strongly recommend the read.” – Joseph Dunlap

5-star review of Elk Hunting GuideFive Stars: “Absolutely amazing book. A must read for any bowhunter” – Matthew High (Note: This book is for both bowhunters and gunhunters alike.)

5-star review of Elk Hunting GuideGood Guide: “I appreciated the direct approach to the subject and liked the tips and anecdotes.” – Mark Brown

shane's first diy elk huntEmail messages: “Thank you for your DIY guide. I used it to plan a first time elk hunt for my son’s 16th birthday. We live in Florida and are experienced deer hunters but have never hunted out west. We hunted NW Colorado for 2nd rifle in GMU 4 and my son bagged a 4×4 bull. Your DIY guide and a lot of online research enabled us to have a great hunt. Thanks” – Brady Gaughan – Read their hunt story here

 “Hello. I purchased your Elk guide and am very impressed. I appreciate the way you combine personal experience, ethical commentary and valuable data into a single document. I completely share your perspective on hunting, conservation and common sense living. I am looking forward to my first western Elk hunt this year. Thanks for your helpful DIY guide! Regards, Brian.”

“The book is amazing!!! Not finished yet but it is everything I have been trying to do myself!!… I was really beginning to throw in the towel that an elk hunt is even possible. You have absolutely made the process so much easier to start and reassured me that it really is a possibility! Thank you! – Travis

From Dan Allan, The Author

100% organic grass/browse fed elk in the freezer - successful elk hunt 2019Elk hunting does not have to be outrageously expensive and you don’t have to win the lottery to hunt elk.

Both residents and non-residents can hunt elk every year with general season tags in 6 Western states.

The West has the last big sections of undeveloped land that support large populations of big game.

Elk populations are still very good in most of the Western states and are even increasing in many of those states.

How long will it last? Who knows?

But I promise you this, if you ever give elk hunting a try, you will never regret it. You will regret waiting so long to start.

60 day back guarantee

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with this Elk Hunting Guide within 60 days, just let me know and I will refund your money, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that this resource will help you with your elk hunt.

What This Book Is Not

This book is not going to show you a secret strategy to draw limited entry tags in each state.

This book is not full of pretty elk photos – Since this is an ebook, photos are limited to save file size and reduce the cost of the book. You can find hundreds of pictures of elk online.

Most embedded images are a few necessary maps & tables to help you decide where to hunt.

For quick reference, this book links to dozens of maps, documents, resources & photos of different habitats, forest types, National Forests, ecoregions and mountain ranges.

I hope to convince you that you can hunt elk on public land with general tags and have an amazing experience.

I also try to make sure you are aware of logistic and survival issues you may not experience in other areas. No use having all that fun, then coming home dead.

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