Additional Testimonials for Fly Fishing with
Jim & Dan

I’d like to give a shout-out to Jim O’Neal and Dan at These two are the salt of the Earth…
My son and I had the pleasure of meeting these fine gentlemen when I took my son with me to the Middle Prove. As I was taking my boy on a small jaunt up the river, these two gentlemen called us over. They said “bring that boy over here; the fish are biting like crazy”.

I tried to decline, not wanting ruin their fishing hole, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They said it’s all about the kids; I couldn’t argue that statement so we joined them.

They proceeded to teach my 7 yr old boy to fly fish with their equipment and their time. They each took turns teaching and instructing him on what to do. I was amazed at their generosity, knowledge, and patients as they taught… I was taking as many mental notes as I could, because I had no idea what I was doing…

Before I knew it my boy caught his first fish on a fly rod! And he kept catching them! Jim took a look at my setup and completely re-rigged my fly rod and they both set me up with the correct flies and indicators that would keep my boy catching fish.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jim took me out in the water were I proceeded to catch my first fish on a fly rod! It was a day that we will remember and retell for a longtime. So thanks again Jim O’Neal and Dan; I will pay this kind act forward” – Matt

Jim is an excellent fisherman. When others say the fish aren’t biting, Jim is still pulling them out of the river. But even better than that, Jim is a great teacher.

You don’t just catch fish with Jim, you actually learn how to fish.“- Floid Gilbert

“Jim takes you to the right spot to catch fish and makes sure you have flies that should lead to success.

He is patient with new fly fishers, helping them cast, set the hook, play and land the fish.

Jim also knows that part of the joy of fishing is noticing the birds, animal tracks and signs, and other natural phenomena that are around you while you are at the river.

It is a great experience to go fishing with Jim!” – Laura

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