Cooler Weather, Hotter Fishing

brook trout on a dry flyBeautiful brook trout spawn in the Fall. They aren’t searching for food. Lures and artificial flies that look like minnows or leeches get the most strikes because trout are protecting their nest areas. Don’t feel bad about taking some brook trout to eat; they tend to overpopulate. Removing some benefits most waters, allowing the average size of the fish to increase.

Late in the Fall, brown trout spawning time comes. Difficult to catch big browns come out of hiding places to make nests in shallow riffles. When that happens, no more ultra selective feeding, protecting nest areas and chasing away competition rules the day. Streamer flies that imitate minnows catch fish. After  loose trout eggs start to drift down stream; trout readily take them. Then, artificial eggs flies cast with a fly rod can work better than anything.

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout on Small Stream in Utah

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