Why Dry Fly Fishing?

cutthroat trout on dry flySince most experts agree that nymph fishing catches trout most consistently, why fish dry flies?

Professional trout guides know that fishing nymphs gives their customers the best chance for success but the same guides might prefer dry flies for their own fishing because when a trout rises to the surface to take one, it’s more exciting.

Before you rush out to to try dry flies, consider that you need to be able to cast fairly well. Trying to learn fly casting while you work to catch a fish on the stream is an exercise in frustration. Better to practice on lawn grass where you can concentrate. It helps if someone who really knows how watches and makes suggestions for improvement.

While you learning, if it doesn’t work right, stop and analyze the situation, don’t practice your mistakes. Try to figure out what’s wrong then try again. If the line doesn’t go far enough because it fails to straighten out, it doesn’t help to add more line. Instead, shorten until you can cast cleanly and after getting good results with that much line, gradually add more to increase distance.

Big Utah Brown Trout on Dry Flies

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