Fly Fishing Small Streams

big utah brown trout with fly fishingIt’s refreshing to fish shady little trout streams in hot weather because you can wade wet and water flows cold around your legs. Some anglers wear shorts in hot weather to wet wade but long pants give protection from stinging nettles, poison ivy, insect bites, etc.

Even long pants won’t protect you very well from the sharp sticks where beavers live. They cut down lots of small willows and leave what amounts to pointed stakes, sometimes hidden by vegetation. These often stick up six or eight inches, a very dangerous thing to fall on if you trip. Also beavers tunnel under stream bank; sometimes there are open holes where the ground surface above a tunnel has broken through. If you step in one by accident you might get seriously hurt.

In Summer, trout in little streams eat mostly insects that fall into the water. In contrast, trout in big rivers feed more on aquatic insects and wait for a insect hatches. They tend to be very selective so anglers need to use fly that’s a suitable match for the natural or trout won’t take it.

Small stream trout aren’t as selective because of the variety and unpredictability of their food source.

Dry Fly Action Strawberry River Utah

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