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provo river during high spring runoff

Middle Provo River During High Spring Flow

What does a high water year in the West mean for fishing?

More flow than normal in trout streams can be considered a plus because the scouring current moves away excess sediment and plant life. Cleaner gravel provides better spawning areas for trout and aquatic insects thrive on the well-oxygenated stream bottom.

Access to the high mountains may be difficult and cause a delay but the lakes will benefit from plenty of water. Springs recharge and streams will run with better flows through the heat of summer.

Irrigation reservoirs will fill to capacity but when they are drawn down down during summer for irrigation, vegetation grows quickly in the exposed bottom areas. These plants eventually will decay and serve as fertilizer after rising water level covers them the next year. That enriched area provides food for tiny aquatic life, insects, and minnows. Fish are higher in the food chain and the additional forage benefits them and also anglers.

Fly Fishing Big Flow Late May Provo River

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