When The Sun Isn’t Fun

Appropriate Sun Protection; Long sleeves, hat, face mask, Sun glasses.

Why worry about too much sun?

First, sunburn is painful, severe sunburn destroys skin. If you tan carefully and gradually it helps but even then exposure could cause skin cancer.

Use sun screen and wear clothing that covers. Professional outdoor people know how important it is avoid excess sun.

Real cowboys don’t wear big hats to look tough, they know that without the wide brim to shade their head and face, their skin will suffer.

Follow the example of these outdoor professionals, wear long sleeved shirts and broad brimmed hats (and/or face mask).

Some places and situations put you at more risk for sunburn than others. Conditions that reflect a lot of light increase the amount of sun exposure. Snow and water head the list. Fishing, snow sports, boating, etc. call for extra care. Don’t forget that high in the mountains, there sunshine is more intense due to less atmosphere to filter it.

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Years ago when I was worked at big reservoir as a guide, many days on the water tanned me dark, even with sun screen. One day I was with a group on 38 foot long tour boat. The weather was glorious, cool and not a cloud in the sky. In early afternoon the big boat headed back toward the marina. As we sat in reclining chairs on the upper deck, it couldn’t have been more pleasant. I took off my shoes, which I had consistently worn every day all summer. My bare feet were pale but I didn’t put on sun screen as I should have; it wasn’t far to the marina. Since my guide duties were finished after a very early start that day, I took a nap. 30 minutes later we reached the boat dock and I found when I tried to put on my shoes that my feet looked like cooked lobsters, red and swollen. What suffering that caused me for days after that.

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