Summer Trout

rainbow trout provo river fly fishing with backcountrychronicles.comWhen the surface waters get warm in lakes, trout go deep to find relief. That means with few exceptions, shore fishing the shallows during the hot part of a summer day can be a waste of time. However, food may be scarce in deep water while insects, crayfish, and minnows are abundant near shore and in shallow water. Trout then may move in to feed at daybreak, (the coolest part of the 24 hour period) or at sundown.

An exception happens in early summer during late morning if a hatch of damsel flies is in progress. Some of the best feeding areas in lakes are weed beds. There’s food there and plants produce oxygen. Use the moss to your advantage by fishing along the outer edge or just above submerged beds.

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Some streams produce even during the hot weather. The most consistent are tail waters that come from deep cold reservoirs (Like the Lower Provo River from Deer Creek Res and the Middle Provo River from Jordanelle Res). Spring creeks also fish well during summer but the trout there frighten easily and quickly hide if they see you. It’s best to stay low, move slowly, and fish upstream. Tree lined streams with shade are a good place to fish well during the day. Streams in open meadows at high elevation produce more consistently if you concentrate on the deeper pools with undercut banks.

Don’t let hot weather beat you; adjust your fishing strategies. Consider wading wet, the cold water makes for a pleasant escape from the heat.

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