The Right Fly

Dedicated fly fishermen search constantly for the best artificial fly and may carry dozens of different ones.palmer type PMD fly fishing dry fly Why? Because trout at times are finicky eaters and may behave like two year old children, refusing every food offering.

In some waters, trout must eat lots of tiny insects because bigger foods aren’t available; then they instinctively feed efficiently.

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Need Flies?

Trout must save energy by not moving to take non food items drifting by and yet take the particular small bugs that are hatching.

Some anglers complain that brown trout are super smart when frustrated in their efforts to fool the fish. Trout may have tiny brains but consider the capacity and size of storage cards and thumb drives in our computer dominated world. Browns have considerable brain capacity for what they do.

The challenge of fly fishing explains why intelligent people put so much effort into trying to catch fish they may then carefully release. It’s the pleasure of working out strategy in a beautiful outdoor place to deal with multiple variables.

If there were one particular fly that always worked, it would be sad; fly fishing would lose some of it’s magic. As it is, we keep trying to choose the right fly; some days getting it right, and that’s part of what makes it so worthwhile

Choosing the right fly is a big part of fly fishing. That can mean going to a sporting goods store, reading magazines, books, visiting websites, and talking to other anglers.

giant stonefly nymphs

Big stone fly nymphs found with DIY kick net.

It helps to spend some time at the water with a fine mesh kick net to find what insects are there.

I need to make a video showing how to make a DIY kick net from screen door material and a couple of 2x2s, dowels or broom handles… But I bet you can figure it out.

Ask a fly fishing guide about which flies are working, or better yet hire a good one.

During the season the guides are on the river almost daily and face changing conditions with no option but to adapt to help clients catch fish.

Guides must do what works so they quickly learn what fly works.

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