It’s all about more Light

Living things depend directly or indirectly on energy from the sun.

In temperate zones, the yearly cycle of energy transfer determines when plants and insects can grow and mature to reproduce.

In late winter and very early Spring, some creatures and plants are already starting into a new cycle, others will continue to rest for a while.

You’ll notice a few trees with the beginning of leaf buds as well as some green plant growth appearing along the ground in sunny places.

buffalo midge hatching provo river in march

Buffalo Midge Hatch Early Spring Provo River, Utah. What nymph or Dry Fly pattern should you be using?

Some aquatic insects, like midges, (non-biting members of the mosquito family), become quite active late in the winter.



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Other river insects, having hatched from eggs during summer or fall, will start to grow progressively faster as the days get longer.
Fly fisherman should note that aquatic insects soon reach a size that is very attractive to trout; this means nymph fishing will get better and better, even before the major hatches occur.

Bright Sunlight may not be best conditions for fishing

In this video we discuss Fly Fishing on a Sunny Day.

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