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jim oneal winter fly fishing waders

Jim O’Neal Winter Fly Fishing

Breathable waders that come up to your chest allow you to wade through deep spots. Why breathable and not the cheaper rubber ones?

Because they are too hot even in warm weather. That said , the thick neopreme ones work nicely in very cold conditions but even then you could still use breathable waders with insulating clothing.

Some boots have rubber soles and others feature felt or cleats. If you wade in rocky streams, that usually calls non slip soles. Rubber works well for sandy or muddy bottoms but not on slippery rocks.

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Hip boots are adequate for little streams but they should be tough; you often run into brush and sharp sticks.

Sharp sticks? Blame the beavers, those fat furry lumberjacks leave sharp hazards where they cut down saplings.

Wading in a trout stream for the first time may be fun but use caution. Newcomers often have a difficult time standing in current on slick uneven rocks and may fall down.

For safety sake, wade upstream in rivers and don’t get in more than knee deep in swift water. It’s helps to have a big tough stick or wading staff for more stability.

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