Fish and Eggs – Make Your Tongue Beat Your Brains Out

from fish to fish and eggs

From Fish to a Delicious Fish and Scrambled Eggs.

Several years ago I saw Chef Gordon Ramsay’s prepare recipe for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

I tried it and it was absolutely delicious.

I have eaten pan fried fish and eggs a thousand times before, but this opened my eyes to new possibilities for fish and eggs.

Since then, I have made a variety of quick and easy (and delicious) versions of that fish & scrambled egg recipe.

I’m not sure if my versions would impress the chef or not, but I like them and other people I cooked it for liked it.

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I have used a variety of fish for this recipe, instead of smoked salmon. I have used poached fish (read how to salvage trout meat from skeleton after fillets have been removed), left over baked fish, smoked trout, canned salmon and even smoked kipper snacks.

Many people don’t like the kipper snacks, so don’t waste it on them. That version is only for those that like a strong smokey fish flavor. Know someone like that?

Ingredients for Fish and Eggs

    • Eggs – 1 – 2 for each person
    • Fish – 1 – 3 oz. (25 – 85 grams) per egg (fish should already been cooked or smoked)
    • 1 – 2 tablespoons cream cheese half for each egg
    • Butter and/or olive oil for pan
    • Salt & pepper to taste
    • Optional – chopped chives to taste
    • Optional – croissants, bagels or toast.

Need to up your egg cooking game?

Directions for Cooking Fish and Eggs

Break eggs in a glass or bowl. I usually cook two eggs when cooking for one and three or four eggs when cooking for two. Then add one to three ounces of fish for each egg, depending upon how “eggy” or “fishy” you like it.

If the fish is moist or has a lot of “juice” like canned salmon, include some of the juice if you like the taste, then add one tablespoon of cream or half & half per egg. Don’t add too much to keep cooking time down.

If using smoked fish that is a little dry, also add a splash of milk and let is soak to rehydrate and soften. Remember any extra milk (or juice) will have to be cooked out, so use small amounts.

Season to taste with salt and pepper (a few chopped chives is an option if handy) and then briefly beat the eggs, milk & fish with a fork or whisk to mix and to break the fish into bite size pieces.

In a lightly buttered/oiled pan, cook slowly on low heat. Constantly scrape the egg from the pan as it cooks (Best tool for cooking scrambled eggs is a flexible silicon spatula).  The goal here is to cook the eggs and boil off excess moisture, but not to scorch anything. If you want to make the fish and eggs extra special, fold in a little cream cheese as the egg mixture cooks.

Serve with or over any type of bread or toast you have on hand and if that doesn’t have your tongue beating your brains out, you must not like fish.

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    Sounds good.I’m gonna make a variant of this myself right now!

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