Backcountrychronicles is Guest on John Stallone’s Interviews with the Hunting Masters

john stallone interviews with the hunting mastersJohn Stallone is an American bowhunter, TV personality, Podcast host, outdoor videographer and an author.

John is the host of the TV show called John Stallone Days in the Wild (can be seen On Carbon TV) and he hosts a podcast series; “Interviews with the Hunting Masters”.

So I was honored to be a guest on the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast

at the PodBean site

Or visit John’s website here to see his other podcasts and articles  (To find my pod cast there, look for “Dan Roberts AKA Dan Allen Elk hunting DIY 9.7”).

When John first contacted me to be on a podcast, I was honored and gratified that people are starting to see the value in what I have been doing.

I post articles here on my website and I wrote the DIY Elk Hunting Guide, but I have been a private person and have not been seeking attention.

When I wrote the hunting guide, I used my middle name instead of my last name thinking it might be useful to be somewhat anonymous on the big World Wide Web.

But the hunting guide and the website have gotten enough attention that John found me and asked if I would be on one of the podcasts. But between the pen name on my book and using my real name in our conversations, John got a little confused about Dan Roberts or Dan Allan and even stuck in a Dan Robertson. Oh Well.

I don’t watch many hunting shows anymore so I have to admit, I did not know who John Stallone was. So I checked out his website, listened to some of his other podcasts and read some of his articles.

You Should be Listening to Podcasts

You know, I’ve been missing out on this podcast thing. I learned something from each of the podcasts I listened to and they are entertaining (and no commercials).

A person can spend a lifetime learning to do something. If they take the time to write a book about it, you can glean much of that knowledge in just a few hours. Same is true with a podcast, except all you have to do is listen. So yes, podcasts are a good way to get the word out or the knowledge in.

I like the way John does the interviews and I like the articles I’ve read so far, especially this one where John talks about what hunting means to him.

That connects with me because spending time outdoors is everything to me and I think the more that other people know and care about “outdoor things” the better off we (and the outdoors) will be.

What’s in the Podcast?

elk calf peek a boo

I mentioned the “peek-a-boo” elk calf in the podcast.

During the podcast, John and I basically talk about elk hunting.

We discuss preparation for an elk hunt, elk habitats, elk hunting strategies, how to pack an elk out, backcountry safety and we even tell a few hunting stories; all things that a first time DIY elk hunters should find helpful and hopefully a little entertaining.

Let me know what you think.

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