A Hunter that Misses on Purpose

I have a friend (name withheld for his protection) that hunts mule deer and elk every year with his family, but has never killed an animal in over twenty years.

His uncles and brothers tease him about being such a bad shot, but they don’t know that he misses on purpose. I know this for a fact because he told me. He simply enjoys watching deer and elk and enjoys the time spent at hunting camp with his family.

cow elk on public land

Cow elk on Public Land

I can understand watching animals and passing on shots you aren’t comfortable taking, but why shoot to miss on purpose? He told me he only shot when he wanted to spook animals so his brothers couldn’t kill them, but that was a long time ago.

Several years ago, he switched from rifle to bow hunting. He practiced regularly and spent time scouting and still never misses a chance to hunt with his family.

Before the hunt, I asked him how his skill at bow shooting was progressing. He could consistently hit targets at 40 yards, but wasn’t sure if he would actually shoot at an elk.

I understand perfectly. It’s his hunt, he can do what he wants, but I think it’s a bit stinky that he deliberately spoiled shots for his brothers, but that was along time ago and it’s between him and them and I’m not telling.

I guess he just hasn’t seen the deer or elk he wants to kill yet.

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