Provo River Fly Fishing Report June 7

This is a short report to let everyone know the water released from Jordanelle increased from 900 cfs on June 3rd to 1,600 cfs on Monday and is running at 1,700 cfs today.

***Everyone should keep a close eye on children if walking along the streams and anglers should be very careful if wading in the Middle Provo and make sure to wear a wading belt.

***The Lower Provo in Provo Canyon is too dangerous to wade and the high flow will continue for several more weeks.

Yesterday, I went to the river just to see what 1,600 cfs looked like. I remember seeing the river out of it’s banks 10+ years ago while working for UDWR, but I don’t remember how fast the water was running.

While I was there, I ran into my buddy Rod. He was going fishing. Later he said it was a little challenging getting safely to the place he planned to fish because of the high water, but caught a few fish using the a bounce rig (on sow bugs).

I got part of his first fish on video before the battery died (see below).

Rod also told me when he was walking out near dark, he found a spot where “fish were rising everywhere“. He tried several flies (BWO), but didn’t have any luck.

Jim came up to video the lower part of the Middle Provo at the same time and noticed a caddis hatch along the bank right before dark.

So we are hypothesizing that the water near bank is warmer and is triggering a caddis hatch at dusk.

We can’t fish today and we have a fishing trip to “parts unknown” scheduled for tomorrow, but if someone were to try caddis patterns along the edges of the stream just before dark, it could be some amazing fishing.

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Fishing Report provided by Jim O’Neal &

Watch the video of the Middle Provo running at 1,600 cfs and watch Rod catch a fish.

Video of Middle Provo at 1,600 cfs

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