Phil Barr Testimonial for Jim O’Neal – Provo River Fly Fishing Instructor & Guide

I do a lot of watching and listening on the river while I spend my free time away from the busy day to day working life. Some days may be 2 or 3 hours fishing and 3 to 5 hours watching and listening to what others are doing, and what the river is saying, etc.

The Provo River, which I frequent the most has numerous guide services and people from all over the country that come to fish this great fishery. Problem is, it’s a very technical river to fish. Most people need assistance from a guide to catch a fish there.

During my watching and listening on the river I have come across all types of guide service personalities, their strengths that vary between them.

Guides will have their clients catch fish, but the client goes home not knowing how or what even happened to them that day.
One Guide stands out from the rest.

His name is JIM O’NEAL.

Jim will do an assessment or interview of each client, to find out what they expect the experience to be like. Then Jim will exceed their expectation to the fullest.

When a client wants to learn how and what and why’s of fly fishing Jim O’Neal will share his years of knowledge with the client so they walk away at the end of the day with a much bigger understanding and appreciation for the river and all that surrounds it. If they chose to listen and learn they will be able to begin their journey of Fly fishing success.

More importantly little does the client know as he or she turns out of sight around the last bend the Gratitude that they have left behind for Jim O’Neal to be able to share with them his deep appreciation for the overall sport!

Jim O’Neal skills of understanding the techniques of Fly fishing are superior to any other guide on the river in my opinion and Jim enjoys sharing and teaching his techniques. He does so with patience and sincere kindness towards each client.

Our Video of Phil Bair Fly Fishing the Provo River

Phil Bair of Noseeumfly fame is a long time Provo River Fly Fisherman

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