Provo River Fishing Report (and Surrounding Areas) June 21

The flow in the Middle Provo River has decreased to less than 1,400 cfs and with the inflow at Hailstone now less than 1,200 cfs, we can expect the flow to decrease significantly in the coming weeks.

We have continued to check on smaller streams in the area and we returned to Diamond Fork this week.

Last week, we checked the lower portion of Diamond Fork for the giant stonefly hatch and didn’t find it. We also found only a few large stonefly nymphs in the stream which led us to hypothesize that large stoneflies may still be found among the larger boulders up around the Three Forks area.

Giant Stonefly Hatch

giant stonefly nymphs

Giant Stone Fly Nymphs

We screened the stream above Three Forks and found many stonefly nymphs of various sizes.

giant stoneflies

Giant Stoneflies

Then we found the giant stonefly hatch in full swing along the road above Three Forks as well as a cicada hatch.

The stream above Three forks is tough to fish because of all the brush, but where we could get access to deeper pools, Jim’s giant stimulator/stonefly produced fish.

Watch for this hatch to continue this week and expect the hatch to move upstream.

Small Stonefly and Caddis Hatch

We jumped farther upstream into the headwaters of Diamond Fork and found another hatch of small stoneflies and caddis.

We ran into another fisherman that was leaving just as we arrived around noon. He had gone upstream and caught “about a dozen small trout” on a large stimulator. He also mentioned he ran into a fisheries crew that was sampling the stream, so we fished down stream.

Small stream fishing requires stealth and it’s difficult to access many of the holes, but when we were able, each hole seemed to have a fish.

On that particular day, the fish were looking for the smaller (size 12) orange stonefly and not the large stimulator. They also preferred the stonefly to be “drowning” as opposed to floating high in the water.

We caught browns, rainbows and cutthroat all in the same stream. Lots of fun to catch wild fish on a small stream.

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