Provo River Fishing Report July 22

Fly Fishing and Tubers on the Lower Provo River.

The Provo River flow has stabilized in the 500 cfs range. We aren’t used to this much cold water this far into the summer, so the hatches are sparse and relatively unpredictable.

No matter, the trout are feeding actively on whatever comes along, mostly very small Baetis nymphs.

Look for the PMD Hatch

This time of year we get what is commonly called Pale Morning Dun mayflies (PMDs).

Look for this hatch between noon and 3 p.m. or so. Don’t expect to see a lot of them; the extra high flows early in the summer seem to have either moved them way downstream or even destroyed some larvae.

Provo River Brown Trout in Excellent Condition

The brown trout are in excellent condition after feeding on all the food that was swept down with the near flood conditions. Fighting heavy current has really gotten the trout in fighting shape; don’t expect to bring them as easily as in previous years. It’s like they are on steroids or high energy drinks. A lot of anglers who habitually use 5x have had to go to 4x to avoid break-offs.

Our best success on the Middle Provo has been at the upper end of big pools fishing deep with nymphs. Ordinarily we would work the middle of the pools but the trout seem to gravitate to the inflow; probably due to the lack of hatches in the pool itself. This should change as Summer wanes, expect some nice caddis hatches in the evening, mid to late August into September.

Look forward to fun action then, skating drys in the evening (read post on skating/skittering dry flies).

Large Trout are Taking Tiny Midges

tiemco tmc100 standard small hook size mm scale

Compare Hook Size 22 – 24 – Depending upon your device, this image may not be actual size. The hook gap on a size 22 hook is 4mm or just over 1/6th inch.

The old standard method of bouncing sow bugs hasn’t produced as well as very small nymphs (size 22 – 24).

Not sure why, but probably because the heavy current has moved trout closer to the shore to feed. Maybe the extra high flows this year scoured some of the sow bugs away.

Float Tubers don’t Scare the Fish

The Lower Provo River (Below Deer Creek Res. in Provo Canyon) has been fishing well; lots of fun if the tubers and rafters don’t spoil the experience for you.

The people on float tubes etc. don’t seem to frighten the trout; which still feed but the commotion in certain parts of the river seems to cause the trout to locate closer to shore, especially those places that the floating public by-passes; some by choice but most by just going aimlessly where the current takes them.

It’s quite entertaining to watch people floating along taking selfies, running into bushes along the bank and some in rafts paddling against each other in the same boat.

But we need to stop to the “floaters” from bringing refreshments in glass bottles.

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Hope to see everyone at the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival August 11 -12 at Hamlet Park in Midway (just uphill from the Legacy Bridge).

Fishing Report provided by Jim O’Neal &

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